What is Web Analytics?

Just making a website is not enough to achieve the desired goals in digital market. To thrive the expected success, you essentially need to improve your understanding and knowledge about the algorithms of internet. It is important for you to know that internet hosts millions of websites for each and every category of business. It simply means you necessarily have to check and modify the website on regular basis according to the latest trends. If you will not do so then stay ready to remain behind the counterparts. In case, you do not want to compromise for the success as well as have made mind to put the best challenge for competitors then take help from Web Analytics.
This technology comprehends several tools, therefore proves of great use to track all the movements and activities of every visitor on entire website. You can also find how users’ behaviors change over the period of time, track patterns and observe regular and latest referrers among other stats. Due to this nice feature, you can rectify the portal per their convenience and benefits.
You do not need to confuse about the question of What is Web Analytics? Meaning of this term is much clear. Actually, there are two types of Web Analytics. Off-site and On-site Web Analytics.

* Off-site Web Analytics helps to measure the website’s potential audience, share of voice and comments that is happening on the Internet.

* On-site Web Analytics let recognize the behavior of visitors once on the website. It also tracks the performance of website in a commercial context.

GA Data Structure

It is important for you to know that Web Analytics industry trends keep changing at regular interval. For the same reason, you essentially have to keep the eye on all updates to reap the best benefits of this digital amenity. If you will not do so then it would prove about impossible to match the steps with counterparts. In addition, it proves very difficult to sustain in the market. Thus, do not delay in the matter. For best benefits, you can also take help from an experienced professional that is easily available in the market.

Like many other industries, the future of Web Analytics is safe and secure. As a matter of fact, right decision in right direction might make you a renowned entrepreneur in a very short span of time. Just take the vital steps now and get ready to witness the significant improvement in your reputation and earning.

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What is Digital Media?

The term ‘digital media’ is gaining huge popularity on daily basis. Despite this fact, most of the people do not know its proper meaning. If, you are any of them and this question ‘what is digital media?’ keeps haunting you then do not worry on any ground. The most common meaning of digital media is any information or promotional material in machine-readable format. It is a nice decision to rely upon this new age solution as it delivers excellent results in comparison with other traditional methods. One of the most alluring’s aspects of this latest amenity is affordable price. For the same reason, you do not need to burn pocket or reduce bank balance to the large extent to achieve the desired results. Currently, a large number of people are using this facility and records prove that almost everyone of them is happy and satisfied with the outcome. Hence, leave all the pausing behind and start the process now to fetch the expected results to take business on new heights.

what is digital media
This latest technology proves of great use but you essentially have to be careful while reaping its benefits. If, you will not do so then it may harm the image of your business to sink the investment. So, move cautiously and work with effective digital media marketing strategy. It is easy to prepare the appropriate work plan. Either, you can take help from internet or hire the certified professional. It is easy to contact the expert. To deliver expected results, professional works in a systematic way keeping all your requirements and resources in mind. As a matter of fact, it prepares a digital media structure that fetches quality results in a short span of time. One right decision might help to scale the new heights of success. Therefore, do not delay in the matter.

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What is SEO? How This Industry Came Into Existence.

Technically speaking, search engine optimization is the process of influencing the visibility of a web page against a search query, in a search engine.

Different business functions define SEO from different perspectives. Business people view it as either Organic or Paid SEO. On the other hand, techies differentiate it on the basis of the purpose being solved. For instance, image search, local search, video search, news search and industry-specific search.

SEO involves activities across multiple aspects of a website, for instance, content, HTML and associated coding. The purpose is to increase their relevance with respect to specific search terms. This becomes importance because every website has its own relevance and business objective. So in this process we need to focus more on the website domain, targeted audience, demographic areas and business goals.

How the SEO Industry came into being

Search engine optimization industry works in the landscape provided by search engines. Let’s explore the history of the growth of the search engine optimization industry.

SEO Industry Existence

If we categorise the search engine history into generations, it will look like this:

First generation search engines: AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek

Ranking based on Content – Pure Information Retrieval

Users started spamming by keyword stuffing (eg., by adding keywords, text to increase content similarity).

Second generation search engines: Lycos

Ranking based on Content + Structure – Site Popularity

A hyperlink from a page on a site X to some page on site Y is considered a popularity vote from site X to site Y. This led to users spamming using ‘Link Farms’.

Third generation search engines: Google, Teoma, Yahoo

Ranking based on Content + Structure + Value – Page Reputation

Page reputation or ‘Page Rank‘ of a page serves as the algorithm behind the search engine function.

The game changed when…Google used the factors behind ‘Page Reputation’ and patented it as ‘PR Algorithm’, after adding certain features. Since then, they have added more features and factors to it. As of today, Google considers around 200 factors in offering results in SERP (search engine results page) against a search query.

Users try to spam these search engines as well, using ‘link farms’, key word stuffing, and other means. But, Google keeps updating its algorithms consistently, to facilitate better user experience. This has left people with no choice but to align all the search engine optimization activities to Google’s guidelines. This gave rise to the search engine optimization industry.

Like Google, all the other search engines promote their own algorithmic processes to crawl and index the web pages over the web. All of them want the users to follow their algorithms for better visibility or search results.

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SEO Means Follow The Rules

SEO – Follow The Rules

Generally Peoples says that it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. While we all know that the search engines are always tends to change their algorithms & other factors involving into them.  So after spending two years in this era, I found that it’s not about what we just putting the url’s in the directories or put elsewhere in the other platforms while it’s all about the follow the rules – 

Here is the starter guide of search engine optimization directly from the Google


This is the first officially published documents by google for the search engine optimizer.

Now as i told that spending two years in this area what i learned is like –

SEO have two parts mainly – On-Page &  Off-page

Now On-page involving with the factors upon the site like  – Meta-Tag (Title, Description, Keywords),  Alt-tag,  Heading tags, robots.txt, xml-sitemap & blaw blaw….:)

And                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Off-Page involves – Directory submission, Article submission, Social bookmarking, Blog commenting, Link building (One way, Two way & Three way 😉 etc.

Now after the Panda & Penguin (Google Algorithm Update) I really understand that it’s not about what we just doing with closed of our eyes actually this is all about quality content & well-defined structure with follow the rules & guidelines….

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