An SEO Story/Journey, Is it worth doing?

I am Prem Nath Vishwakarma & I have completed my engineering degree with the stream of Computer Science & Engineering in the year of 2010. After that I have started my job hunting into the IT sector. I remembered that after facing 3-5 interviews I have got an offer from an early stage Startup as a SEO Executive. At that time I didn’t know what the meaning of this SEO & what my role or responsibilities would be. Anyways the journey has begun & i started reading & exploring the functions of this word called “SEO”. A few weeks later one of my seniors in that company came to me & asked how’s the things going on & my genuine answer that I am still reading & trying to understand what is Search Engine Optimization.

He just took my system & started downloading the Mozilla Firefox & then installed a few add-ons in its name – RoboForm, Form Filler & SEOquake. When it’s done he has told me to Click upon Ctrl+U. When i did that i just got scared with those HTML codes to come up with the new popup. He instructed to me that Just take the Title Tag, Description Tag & Keywords Tag data from there & put it into the Roboform given Fields along with the assigned project website URL, Name & email id. Then he open another surprising website for me name – Directory Critic & explained to me that just go upon the Free section & click upon the Submit Link Button & then a form came & when i clicked upon the Roboform Addon button it’s get automatically filled the data defines earlier apart from the Captcha in few directory cases. He told me that your Target will submit the 100 Directories on a daily basis.

It’s my first experience & action into this mysterical SEO world. I remembered that in the beginning I am able to do only 30-40 directories on a daily basis but after a few days I have started to hit my target 100 on a daily basis & even after a few weeks later I have started hitting the approx ~ 300 directories submission on a daily basis. The time flies & after 2-3 months I was getting irritated with this task because there is nothing to learn, but I was getting paid for what I was doing at that time so I have started reading about Google history, mission, vision & anything which is something related with Google & its products.

One day I asked a senior what is Google Analytics & Google Webmaster because I have seen sometimes few people are opening these websites on their system & have a discussion upon the data given into those dashboards. He suddenly saw me smiled & told me that you will be knowing them all later. One day they gave me a few articles written upon the word file & explained to me how I can submit them as well as the directory submission process. So I got introduced to a few more websites like – Go Articles, EzineArticles etc. 

Times have passed very fast & during the same I have done some Social bookmarking, Press Releases Submission, Forum Submission, Classifieds Submission etc. During this period I think that I have worked these activities upon the 3-4 websites & new year came. Party started & I told my manager that I know what’s the uses of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster & even Google Adwords because I had parallely kept exploring these tools with one of the my assigned projects where the email credentials are the same which I was using for my PR Submission process. Finally they involved me into the On-Page process as well & now my job is something like taking the Keywords Volume data from Adwords, downloading some random PDF reports from Google Analytics & looking into the webmaster for the Sitemap & robots.txt files. I have learn the basics of the SQL Queries, QTP, Bugzilla, Use Cases, Test Cases, Automation etc. Finally I have started job hunting again & i don’t know whether fortunately or unfortunately i have got an offer as a Webmaster into a Digital Media Agency in Nov ‘2011. They assigned me with two projects: 1 was a big Travel Website & another one was a Bikers Community Website. During this tenure I have done a lot of things like Campaign Strategy, Prepared Proposals/Media Plans, PPC Advertising, Mailchimp, WordPress, C-Panel, Filezilla etc. Earlier I was already good with the Meta-Data part, Keywords Research, Link Buildings, Google DB Analysis, Traffic Generation etc.

After some time I have again joined another Digital Agency as a SEO/Web Analytics Manager. Now Drupal, Open Source Community, Search Engine Algorithms & Trends Analysis, Many Books, Life Goals & Digital Identity “Premnath321” came into the picture here. Due to some circumstances & location concern I have to switch my job again & then reach the Old is Gold model philosophy (Binary Semantics Ltd) as a Sr SEO Executive with big Insurance/Automobile/Banking Clients. Now here process is the most important thing bcoz the cashflow is already in good condition for them & when you have 1000+ Employees then obviously process is something which can only drive these types of workforce.

Afterwards due to family relocation purposes I have to be shifted to Mumbai. Here I have joined an Edu-Tech firm (They are into the business of upskilling the Engineering Freshers & Early-mid working professionals who want to move into the DataScience/MachineLearning Industry.)

Currently I am working as a SEO Manager & looking into the different demographics around the Globe for the Researchers/Authors communities.

In simple maths – There are “X” amount of Internet Users who can attract upon our offerings, So we analysis & make a bunch of “Y” amount of the Search Terms (Keywords) which those user probably can type into any search engines to find the information & the Job of an SEO is that pull his Website/Page at the top of SERP. So finally you can get some % of the “X” amount through the search engine & obviously the conversion rate from Organic Medium will always be high due to the users intent to find those products/services.

At the end of the day SEO is all about the enhancement of your web/app presence upon the internet ecosystem, Even we can say it’s all about following the related search engine trends & guidelines to get more presence into the SERP. We can map our TG with the various tools present in the market & as per our product/service offerings.

Now money came in place & you need to allocate some budget for your SEO effort & expect ROI from it. That’s it…

It’s all about understanding how the Search Engine crawlers are reading your pages upon the web/internet. Eg – Google Crawlers
Now take your optimization decision with the given tools below –

In most of the cases, For the established Product/Brand, The channel will be –
Direct > Organic > Email > Social > Referral
Brand+Seed Keywords
Top Products/Keywords

For Startups/SMB –
Campaign > Referral > Direct > Organic > Email > Social
Company/Product Name
Long Tail Keywords etc.

SEO improves the online presence, increases organic traffic & helps to grow our business. Thus in most cases, investing in SEO is a worthy decision as always! More detailed insights is here

Note – SEO is a long term goal & in many cases you even don’t need any type of the seo services due the nature or lifecycle of your website/business.

Now if you are playing safe with 5% rule or your marketing budget ranges from 5 to 25 % of a company’s revenue targets. Although, B2Cs spend more on marketing compared to B2Bs. Few details are in belwo given images –

Uesful Ref Links –

In the case of Google, You must to be looking upon these below links –


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